Calculating The Recovery Rate of Water-based Coolant with the Sludge Drying Unit: A Coopermatics Case Study

Case Study: The Recovery Rate of Water-based Coolant with the Sludge Drying Unit

The Client

Our customer is a global manufacturer of steel rule, based in the USA.


The Challenge

In late 2021, Coopermatics was contacted by our customer to look into providing a solution to improve the management of sludge and better recover their water-based coolant. Their coolant recovery process had involved utilizing a pot for sludge collection and leaving it overnight to dry. 



Upon visiting their facility, we noticed that their oil recovery process had room for improvement. Their process could be more efficient keeping running costs to a minimum and this could be achieved with our Sludge Drying Unit. Since the amount of sludge generated was around 50 to 60 gallons per day and there were no constraints for space, we supplied a 54 Gallon model of the Sludge Drying Unit that was suitable for their needs and operational requirements. 


We provided them with the SDU-54 unit for a free trial of one month to test the equipment at their facility. A record of test readings for 3 days was as follows.




Days Sludge Loaded (Gallons) Operating (blowdown) time (Hrs) Coolant Recovered (Gallons) Recovery Rate
1 54 5 14 26%
2 54 6 14 26%
3 54 4 14 26%



As per the readings, our SDU-54 model was able to recover about a quarter of the coolant from the sludge per cycle. This recovery resulted in the reduction of sludge waste by 10 gallons per day. 

With the help of the Sludge Drying Unit, our customer was able to:

  • Considerably speed up the process of sludge drying from 24 hours to 5-6 hours with significant efficiency.
  • Recover about 26% coolant from the sludge with each cycle.
  • Keep operational costs at a minimum as the SDU does not require electricity to operate and instead runs on plant air supply.
  • Take a step in the right direction towards sustainability through waste management.


The sludge drying unit turned out to be an economical solution that our customer didn’t realize they needed, that worked out to their advantage. There could be simple solutions similar to this that could significantly cut down on wasted coolant and costs, at the same time improve sludge management at your facility. Our team at Coopermatics can guide you in making improvements to your production process that can reap massive benefits in the long run.

Our sludge drying unit is available under the following services:

  • Free trial
  • Leasing
  • Oil recovery service

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our service offerings. 



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