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Case Study: Pre-coat Filtration Performance For Honing Oil

Product Installed: Pressure Pre-coat Filter DFP-5A

Industry: Automotive

Process Type: Honing – Cylinder Bore Machine



The client is a widely-known multinational automotive manufacturing corporation and is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production based in India.

The Challenge

Our client performs cylinder bore component honing as part of their overall manufacturing process. The filtration system installed initially was not able to filter out the fine honing dust from the oil. The filtered oil containing fine honing dust was being circulated and started damaging the honing machine, subsequently leading to inaccurate honing performance and affecting tool life.


Coopermatics took up the challenge to develop an effective filtration system that could separate the minutest particles from their honing oil. We supplied a dual-filter Pressure Pre-coat Filtration System (DFP-5A) on trial for a 3 month observation period with multiple tests conducted to measure the quality of filtered oil. The pre-coat system was able to perform well and deliver good results within just 2 weeks of test runs. 


As seen in the graph, the Coopermatics precoat filter system was able to outperform the previously installed filtration system. The following were the results of oil quality with our filter:

  • Drastic improvement in oil quality.
  • Millipore values came down from 39 to 8 (shown in graph).
  • Reduction in oil contamination/particles.
  • The pot was completely dry.


With a Coopermatics precoat filtration system, the customer will be able to expect the following benefits:

  • Reduce surface finish variation and bore to bore variation.
  • Reduce the frequency of cleaning tanks from 6 months to 3 years with estimated costs of just $2000  per year. 
  • Eliminate the possibility of ledges getting stuck due to excessive mud in honing tool.
  • Decrease the frequency of tool cleaning activity from once a day to once a week.
  • Achieve basic hygiene for machine parts and enhance overall machine life.


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