Centralized Chip Conveyor

The centralized conveyor uses a system to transport chips from more than one machine to a single collection centre. Opting for a centralized conveyor system allows easy handling and transportation of chips from machine tools to a single collection centre. Thanks to its automated feature, the centralized conveyor can run continuously without any supervision, allowing manufacturing operators to focus on the core-production of the company.

This is a convenient system that would help save shop floor space. This conveyor can be set up anywhere inside or outside the shop, providing options for easy and efficient scrap management.

  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Easy and systematic scrap management
  • Low maintenance and no supervision required
  • Cleaner shop
  • Viable option for large facilities
  • Different material chips (cast iron, aluminium, steel) can be processed

Most applications listed on the conveyor type applies to centralized system, as they are mainly used to handle chips generated from a group of machines.

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