Sludge Drying Unit



Coopermatics Filtration Systems proudly announces its complementing product Sludge Drying Unit (SDU) to the industry for improved sludge handling. This unit is a standard part of all Coopermatics filters, however SDU`s can be integrated to any other types of filter system at your facility to recover more oil and have a drier cake (from sludge) than any competing products in the market.

The portable SDU systems are capable of holding from 6 US gallons (22 Litres) to 200 US gallons (757 Litres) of sludge in its pot (removable from system), will separate the oil out of slurry from any existing filter type. The SDU System is capable of drying the sludge for oil recovery without the need for additional sludge pumps. Recovered oil could be piped back to dirty oil tank and the dried sludge collected inside the pot could be emptied for the next cycle.

Benefits of SDU

• Cost saving through recovered oil
• Reduction in oil content with dispoused sludge(waste)
• Operates on plant pneumatics air supply
• Portable size from 12 to 42 inches diameter units
• Unit could be installed anywhere close to existing oil tank
• Dry cake will have less than 28% oil by weight
• Economical and Environment friendly oil

SDU standard models

# SDU Models Sludge processing capacity
Gallons Litres
1 SDU-6 (12”) 6 22.7
2 SDU-20 (16”) 20 75.7
3 SDU-54 (24”) 54 204.4
4 SDU-90 (30”) 90 340.7
5 SDU-135 (36”) 135 511
6 SDU-150 (42”) 150 567.8
7 SDU-200 (42”) 200 757

Fact Sheet of SDU

Details Gallons Litres
Sludge processed by SDU 6 22.7
Oil recovered in drying 2.5 9.5
Oil recovery (%)* 42
Batch process time(hours)** 24

*Test results from EDM sludge
**Time varies with type of sludge

Utility Requirements

• Pneumatic : 20 T0 40 psi, 6 scfm (plant air)


Machine Tool coolants (oil based)
• Grinding, Honing, Rolling,
• Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
• Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) oil, etc

Miscellaneous oil application
• Lubricating oil, Hydraulic oil
• Transformer oil