Coolant Sump Cleaner

Coolant Sump Cleaner helps to clean water-based coolant tanks as well as neat oil coolant tank of machines.

Contaminated coolants affect machine tool life by damaging the machine parts. Therefore, coolant tank must be cleaned regularly. It is not possible to clean all tanks within a specific period manually.

Coolant Sump Cleaner is developed by our team, to save time and enhance productivity.

It maintains high level of accuracy and repeatability, so that the machine 4nd its components become more consistent.


• Less power consumption – uses a single phase vacuum pump to save power.
• Offline coolant filtration system- for multiple cycle of filtration
• Portable and safe – unit on wheels hence zero chance of injury
• Faster cleaning process due to vacuum suction
• Robust construction
• Antibacterial residual filtering system


coolant sump cleaner works on the principle of vacuum suction.

Vacuum pump creates vacuum in the coolant tank, which sucks the contaminated coolant, swarf, unwanted dust and so on. These are filter through filter bag with strainer. Cleaned coolant flows into the tank a unwanted material remains in the filter bag. This technology is called the offline Coolant Filtration System.

The Vacuum discharges the cleaned coolants into machine tank with help of the pressure generated.


Pump (W) 1200 1200
Coolant Tank (gallons/litres) 50/200 105/400
Suction Pipe (inches) 1.5 2
Delivery Pipe (inches) 1.5 2
Filter Bag (inches OD) 7 10.6


• Water Based Emulsion
• Storage Tanks
• Grinding coolant
• Machining Coolant
• Gun Drilling Oil
• Honing Oil
• Neat Oil – Viscosity up to 10-12 cSt


• Improves the coolant quality and ultimately quality of products being machined
• Filters upto 10 microns particle size
• Cleaning process takes very less time, between 10 to 15 minutes for model 50